Graphic Design

Sisters Strong

After seeing "stay sisters strong" on the district administrative building, Mr. Schiedler, one of my teachers, approached me on creating a logo to remind Outlaws to stay Sisters Strong in these difficult times. The idea was to raise money for those in need in the community. I had always tried to look for hidden symbols in the Sisters outlaws logo, however, I had never noticed any clear ones, except for the faint shape of an arm in the middle of the horse head. After Mr. Schiedler brought this project up, I immediately thought of how I could put such a powerful design together while keeping the theme and spirit of the original logo. Proceeds from swag goes to Family Access Network (FAN), Kiwanis Food bank, and it supports the sisters leadership class!

Featured in News Chanel 21 (KTVZ)

Featured in the Local News Paper, The Nugget:

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Mountain View High School Post Card

I worked on this with the dean of students from Mountain View High School in hopes to create a simple, clean and uplifting post card to send out to the mountain view cougars!


Problem Solving University. Provides an opportunity for students to work issues out in a positive way.

SHS Class Of 2023

(September of 2019)

Sisters High School freshman of 2023 singed this poster on September 3, 2019. This was one of my first opportunities to work on a collaborative project with a teacher and it really helped me get started off on my career!